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I love acting, the art of getting transformed into another self. Actors are blessed. They get the chance to live many-many selves in a lifetime. You are not today what you were yesterday. Becoming a new person each time is a big challenge. I love it. Some things unknown to me earlier are always present waiting to be discovered.Read More

An Actor

I love this profession — acting, the art of getting transformed into another self. Actors are blessed, as they get a chance to live many many selves in this one lifetim. Becoming a new person each time, is a big challenge.

An Danseuse

Travelling being another hobby, Rajshri’s journey also led her to Cheruthuruthy in Kerala where she began learning dance from Kalamandalam John sir and became part of their group Kalatarangini and the Kathakali school.

An Adventurer

Apart from acting and dance, Rajshri is trained in sword fighting and ‘KalariPayuttu’ – a form of Martial arts that originated in Kerala.

An Activist

Rajshri has been inclined towards community services. She has been associated with organisations such as : Dharavi Dairy, Boodhnoor Vaidyashala and SOS papa with whom she worked in Nepal after the massive earthquakes.

An Explorer

Journeys are a quintessential part of Rajshri’s calling. A spontaneous traveller who prefers unknown, unexplored destinations to the familiar, she loves to simply take off without any advance preparations or undue cautions.

A Traveller

To me life is an unprepared journey to unknown places. Uncertainty is the most inevitable thing. Whatever station comes, I get off, take a look around, enjoy being there and move on towards a new location.


Every character I have played, whether it was a cameo, or a lead, it has always taught me something and I grew with these roles—as a person and as an actress. I just put my heart and soul into my work and try to understand my character

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